Entrepreneurship, the process, and how it is within all of us – Part 2

If you were to walk into a magazine shop. What three magazines would you pick up? Or the next time you log onto Youtube, what are the recommended videos for you? Are those the opportunities you want to prime yourself for?

“It is a distinctive human capacity to imagine, plan, and act to turn imagination into reality” – Prof. J.A. Dator

“We are all entrepreneurs” – This is the argument I expressed in the part one of this two series article. “Or at least, we all have an entrepreneur within us”. This is to say that entrepreneurship is an innate human activity. However perspective is everything. The perspective of which opportunities you are primed for.

We covered the proven characteristics of entrepreneurship in part 1 (Risk-taking, Innovativeness, Proactiveness). In one way or another, all credible sources cite “characteristics of an entrepreneur” that fall into these three categories. The definition of an entrepreneur has been however skewed (humble opinion). “If you do not have an exit strategy for your business you are not an entrepreneur, you are a self-employee” – Tony Robbins. If I am running a brick business for years. Over those years, my business does not grow, I am not increasing employment, I am not changing my processes, my costs are the same. Am I an entrepreneur?

Some people believe that if you are employed full time you can’t be an entrepreneur. When in fact someone can be innovative in his or her job, they can take risks in that position and they most certainly can be pro-active on opportunities. And that is the keyword. Opportunity, The Entrepreneur is able to recognise opportunities, they will develop opportunities and they will exploit the opportunities. The question is which opportunities. This applies to long-term ambitions and shorter term ones, down to daily decisions.

Is it an opportunity to increase your financial wealth? Is it an opportunity to have a fulfilling relationship? Is it an opportunity to live in a healthy body that you are comfortable and proud of? Is it an opportunity to score on the soccer/netball/rugby/tennis field? Is it an opportunity to score a date with your crush? These are entrepreneurial activities by nature. When done in successful repetition, you are an entrepreneur. The realistic boundary often used for an entrepreneur is its application within an enterprise (hence its etymology). What I hope to express is that if you realise that you are an entrepreneur in many areas of your life, then you will take control of that entrepreneurship within in an enterprise setting. Whether it be yours, a government enterprise, listed or belonging to private shareholders.

Let us consider the entrepreneurial process, then in your head, I would like you to parallel this with any of the opportunities above.

  1. Searching for an idea or innovating something (new way of doing something)
  2. Planning and developing how to “totally own” the opportunity
  3. Organising the resources for implementing your plan
  4. Implementing your plan then success, score, smash goals and grow/learn

So it then becomes clear that this is a process we take, whenever we try to achieve something. If this is the case, then we can imagine going on a hunting trip in order to feed your tribe, half a million years ago. It would be clear that those who live by this process were more likely to survive, and pass on their genes. They would be as celebrated (within that tribe) as much as we celebrate the Jack Ma’sZuckerberg’s and Gates‘ of today (3rd Industrial Revolution heroes of our global tribe). They would be celebrated as much as the Edisons and Ford’s of yesterday (2nd Industrial revolution heroes of our global tribe). Even in your own community, and family, and others across the globe, these are some of the values we hold dearly. This is because being entrepreneurial is being a human, and making things happen for you and other humans.

In conclusion, it all comes down to what opportunities are you primed for. If you are primed for financially rewarding opportunities, then your human, entrepreneurial instincts will kick in at the site of those opportunities. The bottom line is that it is within you and as soon as you realise that everything you ever “achieved”, in your work, relationships, recreation, business, was due to recognising the opportunity and acting entrepreneurially. So for a fuller life, wealthier life, more free life, prime yourself for those opportunities.

If you were to walk into a magazine shop. What three magazines would you pick up? Or the next time you log onto Youtube, what are the recommended videos for you? Are those the opportunities you want to prime yourself for?